Poco M2 mi account unlock free just one click

  • Download all File and free tool below the link
  • Driver install
  • Sp flash tool
  • AUTH bypass tool without Libusb
  • mi account file 

Open flash tool select file

  • Download Agent
  • Scatter file
  • AUTH file
  • Run By pass tool
  • click download button sp tool 
  • press volume up down 
  • connect USB cable 
  • flash start wait full flash 
  • and mi account remove after flash 
  • click manual 
  • enter format address 
  • run bypass tool 
  • connect again USB 
  • More 
  • Any isu please watch video and comment subscribe Thanks 
    Done All 

    • Password:.-  softichnic.com

    1. Driver install Download Link
    2. Sp flash tool Download Link
    3. Auth bypass tool without Liusb Download Link
    4. mi account Poco M2 file Download Link
    5. Full Flash file Poco M2  Download Link
    6. all model mi account file Download Link