itell l5006c A23 Pro JIO Hang On Logo Flash File .

How to Flash iTel A23 Pro L5006c:

Install SPD Driver

1- Download the package & Extract the Flash tool.

2- Out of the icon appearing, Double click on UpgradeDownload.exe.

3- It will Launch the tool on PC.

4- Click on the Load Packed button & Select the Firmware with extension .pac at end.

5- Click on Downloading button which is at the third position.

6- Switch off your Mobile & connect it to PC using the Volume down key.

7- It will lead you to Successful flashing.

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Support Waya Teamviwer

Tool Paid Whatsapp/+919289915006  

Flash Tool 
SPD Flash Tool working Download

Flash File 

L5006C-F3212R-10.0-IN-V026-20211025 Google Link

L5006C-F3212R-10.0-IN-V026-20211025 MediaFire Link